Creating a playful, family-orientated brand identity for ASDA

Using brand strategy to grow trust

A household name for millions across the UK, Asda is the supermarket which has historically been known for its low prices. Faced with an increasingly competitive landscape, we worked with Asda on a transformative new brand strategy and identity. This focused on building people’s trust in Asda for its quality, instead of the prices on the label.  Our relationship with Asda has spanned 2 decades and we have been instrumental in delivering branding, graphic design and communications work, that can be seen throughout the UK in any Asda store that you walk into.

We modernised the brand identity system and typeface to create clarity and drive brand re-appraisal.
We created a playful and family-orientated tone-of-voice to establish Asda as the people's supermarket.
The new colour palette screams ‘fresh’, just like Asda’s produce.
We oversaw food photography to reflect the sentiment from 'farm to table'.
In order to become a more convenient place to shop, Asda has launched a range of sub brands. We've designed several visual identities to tie in with the overall Asda brand.
We positioned Asda's new optical brand as fashion-forward. We set the art direction style and produced communications guidelines and created a more modern in-store optical destination.
From food to fashion to George Home. We have produced lifestyle-led content for the retailer's extended range of products online.

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