Making Interface a global authority in interior design

Design meets sustainability

Interface, the world’s leading commercial carpet company ‘make carpet tiles but sell design’. The brand is a pioneer of both modular design and Biophilic design - or the connection between nature and people, and has rightfully earned its recognition as a global sustainability leader for over 20 consecutive years. With such a unique story to tell, Interface wants it told consistently well across the catalogues it produces.

Over the past decade we’ve cemented the brand’s global reputation in design by elevating the Interface product story via content and art direction. For every new product launch, we scout for the most sustainable and progressive settings in which to showcase their products in-situ. To provide aspirational content for Interface’s design-savvy customers we’ve produced shoots at some of the most iconic spaces in Europe.

Our art direction focuses on the ‘Interfaces’ which link interior spaces and the sense of wellbeing which arise from them - in line with the brand’s proposition. All the content we create is evergreen and used in Interface’s catalogues both online and physical.

Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen

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