Breaking down barriers with Invisalign’s digital pop-up

Taking the brand to the consumer

Invisalign is a multi-market dental brand specialising in clear aligners which are available following a consultation with a dentist. The brand was looking to raise awareness in the UK and showcase the transformative benefits of its products direct to consumers.

We designed a direct-to-consumer pop up which used digital technology and the power of influencers to its fullest, to break down the barriers people have about visiting the dentist. To encourage dental consultations for the product we invited passing shoppers to talk informally about what really matters to them: having a nice smile.

Motion gestured content

We defined how users could interact with the screens on display at the pop up and brought the brand’s augmented reality ‘SmileView’ technology to the high street. Our strategy to take the brand to the consumer achieved increased brand awareness, high footfall and consumer engagement, with an uplift in take-up to dental referrals.

‘SmileView’ technology consumers are encouraged to take a selfie live and ‘try on a new smile’ and see first-hand how the Invisalign product could improve their individual smiles.
With rising trust in peer recommendations and peer-to-peer commerce, influencers were used to sell the product experience. Visitors to the pop-up had the opportunity to meet the influencers and ask them in person about their Invisalign experience.
The creative focuses on people’s personal experiences of using the product, communicating the transformative power of an Invisalign smile

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