Meet OraHH - the new feel-good, oral care brand

Creative brand strategy & positioning: smile inside and out.

Imagine a world where going to the dentist is no longer a dreaded experience, but rather an uplifting and empowering one. Heartland Dental, America’s largest network of dental practices, set out to make this vision a reality, partnering with us to create a truly unique brand proposition that breaks down the barriers of traditional oral care.

As an insight-led, strategic brand design consultancy, we recognised the core challenge was to overcome white coat syndrome and superficial social media trends in the dental industry. To revolutionise the approach to oral health, we delved into the mindset of today's health-conscious consumers who crave both physical and emotional fulfilment. Creating an empathetic brand identity design that puts the consumer at the forefront, challenging traditional methods and paving the way for a healthier, more uplifting dental experience.

Breaking the mould: An expertly crafted brand identity design that repositions oral care for health conscious consumers.

A brand identity design that exudes optimism.

As a culturally-driven branding design agency, we knew the preventative health and holistic wellbeing aspects of this oral care proposition would be key in developing a comprehensive brand strategy and positioning that reflects their unique brand proposition and personality. Our expertise in start-up brand identity design allowed us to craft a visual identity design that not only differentiates their service offer from its competitors, but also resonates with the target audience on a much deeper level.

Through extensive research and analysis, we developed a brand positioning and strategy alongside a creative framework that captures the brand's essence and core values. We created a brand name that is memorable and evocative - reflecting the aura and healthy glow of someone with a healthy smile. We then brought this to life with a digital-first visual identity design, that communicates the brand's optimistic and warm personality through a bespoke typeface, colour palette and dynamic smiley H motif.

Our expert branding design agency in London then devised a compelling, engaging and educational art direction style and tone-of-voice guidelines. One that not only demystifies the brand's service offer but also educates consumers about the importance of oral care in maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

A global perspective: Our strategic brand design consultancy in London changed the way people approach oral health in USA.
A brand with a smile: Working with Colophon our visual identity design includes a bespoke logotype and branded font 'Glow' that reflects the emotional fulfilment of a healthier smile.

An easier way to a healthier smile.

Our team of experienced strategists, brand communication designers and content creatives worked together to bring this new brand identity design to life across various channels. Starting with a mobile-optimised website that features a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation and engaging content that educates consumers about OraHH’s preventative oral care proposition.

Alongside their digital brand experience design, we created a physical retail identity design that can be found in 'pull-up' dental practices and shop-in-shops within partner retailers like Walgreens. Making the brand accessible to a wider audience and creating a convenient hygienist experience for all consumers.

Our strategic brand design consultancy also developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and brand communications playbook, that included social media and email marketing initiatives to drive brand awareness, customer engagement and long-term loyalty to your oral care health. Through our collaborative approach and attention to detail, we were able to create a cohesive, impactful and creative brand storytelling. A brand identity system that positioned this new oral care brand as a leader in the market, driving growth and revenue for their business by aligning with the thriving wellness category.

Creating brand credibility: OraHH may be a start-up brand but being part of the nation's largest dental network, our brand communications design brought their expertise to the forefront.

A brand proposition designed to transform oral care.

Heartland Dental wanted to work with a trusted and strategic brand design agency, which is why we partnered up to develop a comprehensive brand strategy, positioning and brand identity system to shake up the oral care industry. Our collaboration has resulted in a brand that connects with consumers, inspiring them to prioritise their oral health for a brighter, healthier life.

Get ready to say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a refreshing, engaging, and empowering approach to oral care. With OraHH’s new brand proposition, consumers can enjoy a seamless and optimistic brand experience, designed to make oral care is more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable for everyone.

From dread to delight: Our expert branding design agency in London, strategic design approach to overcome white coat syndrome in dentistry.

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