Starting a size-inclusivity revolution with Roxy LOVE branding

A creative visual identity designed with heart

Roxy has been a fearless advocate of body positivity and ‘girls doing it for themselves’ since it hit our shores in the early 90’s. Now a global lifestyle brand and the largest action sports brand for young women, they have built their success not from chasing trends but smashing stereotypes.

Always looking to break the next glass ceiling, Roxy launched their most sustainable and size-inclusive product design collection to date. A game-changing proposition; strong enough to withstand the waves, stylish enough to wear for brunch and sustainable enough to leave your eco-anxiety at home.

We worked with Roxy to bring the new LOVE collection to life with its very own creative visual identity design and suite of product branding design assets. Turning this must-have collection into a fearless sub-brand that welcomes every body, and in turn makes action sports more accessible and appealing to a more diverse audience.

Logotype design: Bold letterforms were hand cut into contoured shapes & magnetised together, reflecting the love & camaraderie Roxy Girls have for their body & each other.
It’s a vibe: Every part of the product launch campaign feels like it came from a genuine place of love. Love for surfing. Love for self. Love of freedom.
Designed with LOVE: Our product branding design beautifully marries boldness with femininity, abstracting Roxy’s iconic heart motif.

It's been refreshing to work with a brand that is so self-assured and fearless in its commitments.

Ewart Wade O'Connor, Principal Creative

Explore a new sense of freedom with Roxy LOVE

A ‘Roxy Girl’ knows life isn’t going to live itself. Unapologetic. Sassy. Uplifting. This shared spirit was what our product branding design needed to outwardly project – authentically and with confidence. This is why Roxy’s LOVE logomark is more than a design; it’s a narrative, a sentiment, and a declaration. It's the embodiment of a bold spirit intertwined with an unwavering commitment. A highly-expressive symbol that seamlessly blends strength with warmth, beckoning one and all to show yourself some love.

Bringing this new brand to life across all touchpoints, we developed a creative visual identity design that includes a dynamic logo; made up of a combination wordmark featuring hand cut letterforms. Featured on the Roxy LOVE collection's product labels and tags, it even informed the stitching details on the products themselves.

Underpinning it all was a full suite of distinctive product branding design assets. From a ‘radically positive’ tone of voice to a unique colour palette of coral pink and sea foam blue, inspired by both the vibrant energy and calmness that can be found in the ocean. Capturing what matters in the eyes of the riders, the art direction style was unfiltered and inherently human. Featuring diverse model castings and unpolished stories, championing all shapes and abilities. Think sand where it shouldn’t be. Diving in and asking questions later.

Beyond body positivity: our product launch campaign concepts and unique art direction style, drive consistency and brand equity for the new brand.
Freedom in brand expression: Our tone of voice is a declaration of independence, a bold voice that’s not afraid to stand out and say what’s on its mind, always wearing its heart on its sleeve.

CK's approach was meticulous, crafting communication that was on point and captured the essence of our brand.

Global Marketing Director, Roxy

From Roxy with LOVE: Bringing to life the creative visual identity design, we created a series of product launch campaign activation concepts.

Every body, LOVE yourself. Every. Damn. Day.

The Roxy LOVE collection features 24 signature shapes, with killer new colours and prints introduced every season. It’s unparalleled fit versatility means it’s product architecture is more complex to shop. To make the purchase journey as slick as possible, we devised a clear cut communication hierarchy to demystify and easily navigate the collection’s expert technical support. Enabling people to easily find their perfect fit.

Roxy LOVE is a turning point for size-inclusive product design and unfiltered body representation. Combining love with freedom, our product branding design champions looking in the mirror and being proud of what you see looking back at you. Because that's real 'Roxy Girl' energy.

Product branding design: We created franchises for the fabrics used in all Roxy LOVE products, allowing consumers to easily navigate the hand-feel and eco-credentials of different product segmentations online with ease and familiarity. True love rules!
Support for the Ocean: Made with eco-fabrics, the Roxy LOVE Collection reduces the reliance on the Earth’s limited resources.
Product branding design: A fit that moves to every contour. Support that stays exactly where it’s supposed to. What’s not to LOVE.

CK is the real deal when it comes to understanding brand, consumers and commercial needs. They pushed the boundaries, delivering exceptional results.

Global Marketing Director, Roxy

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