Crafting Joseph Cheaney’s new fashion-forward brand image

Traditional makers appeal to modern shoppers

Quintessential British shoemaker Joseph Cheaney has been making unique fine footwear for five generations. We designed their stores in the three very distinct London neighbourhoods in Jermyn Street, Covent Garden and Coal Drops Yard. Each shop shines a light on the art and craft that goes into luxury shoemaking, whilst integrating with its local setting and moving away from the muddy mahogany of traditional shoe shop design. We echoed the craft of luxury shoemaking in everything we designed. The result? A fresh take on tradition, one which puts the brand centre-stage and re-invigorates desire amongst modern shoppers from both the UK and across the world.

Shoe collections are showcased within a structure inspired by a Pullman carriage; localising the concept to its distinct environment.
The store at Coal Drops Yard elevates the craftsmanship of the shoes with a central cutting table featuring cut-out silhouettes of the traditional tools used through the process.

Working with Checkland Kindleysides we have achieved a statement making concept that redefines the image of our brand.

William Church, MD of Joseph Cheaney.

We photographed the original oil portraits of Joseph Cheaney and his son to use as artwork in-store.

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