Bringing the alchemy of Crystal to Waterford’s NYC pop-up

Crystal, but not as you know it

For centuries, Waterford has been the synonymous name in Crystal. Keen to evolve its 200-year legacy in a new age of artistry — we brought to life their new brand direction through a digitally-enhanced retail concept.

Inspired by the almost magical, alchemical transformation of Crystal - we reimagined their retail identity with a new, evocative design language. One rich with visual metaphors, harking back to the brand's Irish origins and the molding rooms of their Mastercraftsmen in the House of Waterford. Imbuing the space with an authentic and ownable ambiance that takes consumers on a story of transformation, creation and combination of matter that results in the world's best-selling Crystal.

The inception of Waterford's new spatial identity, manifested in the brand's first standalone pop-up store in the U.S. – right in the heart of SoHo, home to New York's high-end art and hospitality culture. The launch took New York by storm, with people flocking to the pop-up to marvel at the store-exclusive Crystal designs and the immersive installation that transports people to Ireland in an unforgettable experience. This is Crystal, as it should be sold - creating desirability with a new generation whilst re-affirming the brand's luxury status.

Store exclusive designs you can’t buy anywhere else in the world.
Our content creation team captured the dramatic landscapes of Ireland and the artistry of the Mastercraftsmen, for use in-store.
The space features the first campaign by new Creative Director, melding Irish heritage with contemporary flair.

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