Experiential product launch for Skullcandy revolutionary Crusher ANC

Deeper dimensions of sound

Skullcandy’s Crusher ANC wireless headphones change the game for music lovers. The headphones feature personalised noise cancelling which combines three different technologies for the first time. A revolutionary product deserves a revolutionary launch. So we created the ‘Deeper Dimensions of Sound’ event at cult art and multimedia venue 393 NYC in New York. Influencers and media experts were invited to join Skullcandy’s product designers and experience the features for themselves. The centrepiece of the pop-up was a striking set of illuminated sound installations. Guests walked through these futuristic vignettes and experienced directional ‘sound showers’. These showcased how personalised and adaptive noise cancelling works at home, at work or when travelling - leaving no doubt about the product's capabilities.

Product designers delivered an experiential product presentation surrounded by 360-degree media.
A gallery-like presentation with illuminated plinths elevated the status of this revolutionary product.
Crusher ANC headphones recalibrate the sound to match your unique hearing profile, whilst neatly eliminating background noise.

Our collaborations have been heavily experiential and the focus has been to drive differentiation and consideration.

Derek Steiner, Associate Creative Director, Skullcandy

Making sure nothing from their IFA stand went to waste, we repackaged and repurposed the 'sound showers' especially for this event.


  • 393 NYC

    Multimedia event service

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