A culturally-authentic lingerie retail experience in Dubai

Evolving an icon

For Arabian women, Nayomi is a trusted friend.  We put this insight at the heart of our creative for this market leading brand at key stores in the region. Our brief was to evolve and modernize its interiors in line with progressive societal changes. We set out to create a magical escape which was still instantly Nayomi. An elevated store concept successfully balances sensitive nuances and deep-rooted traditions, providing a safe haven whilst respectfully empowering and celebrating femininity.

Inspired by the French Baroque style, we created a unique and dynamic palace style architecture.  We modernized distinct and ornate brand signature elements from the original ‘The Princess Within’ aesthetic and specified a soft and delicate palette.  The result?  A luxurious space that is culturally relevant, future-focused whilst remaining elegant and distinctly Nayomi.  A concept that can be easily translated across multiple store formats.  A concept that fulfils consumer aspirations and strengthens the brand's position as market leaders.

Ornate detailing and symmetry was inspired by the French Baroque style to appeal to 'The Princess Within'.
Arches within the suspended structures reveal openings for the product collections.
Emphasis was placed on designing luxurious and private fitting rooms, in tune with cultural norms in the region.

The Saudi woman is changing – she is more aware of the world and heavily influenced by social media. This new retail concept empowers Nayomi to respond to the rapidly evolving market and appeal directly to future generations.

Deputy CEO, KOJ Group

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