Launching Hyper-localisation with adidas in Sydney

Re-imaging the codes of sport

Digitisation may have connected us globally, but in-turn a sense of cultural flattening has created a need for distinct local identities to be championed.

With this purpose, we're thrilled to announce the launch of adidas's Home of Sport concept in Sydney, Australia.

In a dynamic fusion of global innovation and local heritage, we collaborated with adidas to re-imagine the codes of sport through the design lens of Australia's vibrant culture.

Inspiration has been drawn from the sweeping resurgence of interest in Indigenous culture and the worldwide recognition of Aboriginal art scene. These rich traditions are deeply woven into the fabric of the design, embracing the diversity and heritage that makes this country so unique.

Through the power of sport together we celebrate Sydney's vibrant cultures, its artists, and its unique spirit.

A big thank you to the wonderfully progressive and visionary team at adidas for getting us involved.