Juniors- the essential cog in the chain

Our Creative Designer Camilla Sovik talks about how she got into the creative industry and some do's and don'ts for employers.

Words by: Camilla Sovik



It’s been a rollercoaster year for many industries with twists and turns around every corner. As we ease out of it, we look at some of the most important staff in the creative industry – the juniors. Hungry for adventure and willing to learn, junior staff are an asset, the future of the creative industry. What keeps junior talent interested and inspired?

I’ve always been creative, growing up; it was in the cards that I would enter the creative industry, I had all the ideas but I was less skilled in the drawing and painting – nothing a Norwegian high school couldn’t solve! I entered the Media and Communication programme and was introduced to graphic design - I knew instantly that this was ‘my thing’. Few years later I had an epiphany; I was bored and needed something new. I moved to London to get my BA in graphic design. The rest is history!

Pushing the creative boundaries

My year experience before I joined CK wasn’t creative enough. I needed more inspiration, I wanted to explore. I was so impressed with CK - the client list, the skills, and more importantly - the projects and the heritage. CK like to push our designs and are not afraid to be innovative. I knew this is the job I want and need – I applied the same day and emailed the HR too.

Tip 1: juniors - don’t be afraid to branch out and contact people directly – cover all bases. My result to the brief they set I felt was colourful, fun, explorative and not necessarily right if this were to be a live brief - but it showed my willingness to play and to try things out.

Tip 2: don’t be afraid to play and to push the boundaries creatively. It trains your brain to do it better next time. Before I knew it I was hired and the journey began!

Learning at CK

The CK environment is rewarding, creative, fun but demanding. I knew I had a lot to learn. Luckily everyone is welcoming nurturing - I was never nervous to ask questions or who to ask. I worked closely with Steve, our Creative Director from the get go; an invaluable insight into how he works, how he thinks and tackles briefs. I was included in the ideating from a creative point of view, tasked with delivering for a pitch – something I’d never done before! All in all it was all about giving things a go and to be active and involved. I think the CK mantra is just this. How else will you learn?

I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects; everything from brand transformations, lifestyle photoshoots, retail activations to brand communications. The variety in briefs and clients makes no day the same!

Juniors - the breath of fresh air

Junior staff are an essential cog in the chain; they’re a breath of fresh air. Creatively, socially and attitude. We’re motivated, keen and willing to learn. We’re also the future generation in design – we keep on top of the trends and can offer invaluable insights. Some companies fall in to the trap of treating their juniors as a PA, assigning them with the boring stuff. I feel my ideas and my motivations have consistently been taken seriously from the start at CK. We have understood the importance of “fresh air” and how ideas always needs to come from new places - whether that being experiences, research or from new people all together. It’s important to keep structures flat, that will create trust and instill confidence. To feel you can speak up regardless of role will contribute to a healthier and more creative work flow.

Listen Up!

Advice I’d give to all juniors: listen up, do not be precious about your work. You’re allowed mistakes - but learn from them! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself; you are here to evolve and you won’t ace everything the first 1, 2, 3 years – in fact the learning never stops!

Look for the spark!

Advice for agencies: Look for that spark and desire to learn, as well as a healthy playfulness. All the rest can be taught on the job. If you’re not prepared to nurture, support and prepare the junior for progression - you’re not ready to hire.

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