Same DC Shoes brand attitude, a whole new way to experience it

Disrupting the skateboarding industry, one push at a time.

DC Shoes is the infamous skate brand that has been challenging the status quo since it first appeared on the scene in the ‘90s - thanks to its no-bullshit attitude and oversized confidence.

Fast-forward to the present day and skate, street and snowboarding culture is more relevant with today’s youth than ever. Always one step ahead, DC Shoes set out to create ‘a modern-day skateboarding store that defies the skate stereotype’. A space that lives and breathes its brand ethos – not only pushing skateboarding, but pushing boundaries - amplifying DC’s ownership of the category.

For both DC and CK, form always follows intent. Working as one creative force, we devised a new, authentic design language that was as unique as it was unapologetic. At the heart of the new concept, was the desire to elevate DC’s brand and product in line with modern skate and sneaker culture. A space where bravado meets rebellion, bringing to life the brand’s irreverent attitude to inspire today’s fearless youth. This was brought to life with the use of local skate photography, inspired by Blabac's iconic style, which provides a backdrop to the store, coupled with DC Shoes signature collision of design cues. The result? Grit meets grandeur in the world-first, DC Shoes standalone store in Sanlitun, Beijing. Pushing the industry forward and boldly defying the norms of traditional skate retail.

The world's first DC Shoes store takes to the streets of Sanlitun, Beijing.
Then, now, and always, DC is here to PUSH.
Blabac Photography, Property of DC Shoes

The team at CK nailed it!

"We wanted DC’s signature collision of grit and grandeur to shine through, so that the space would work for our true skate consumers and aspirational streetwear consumers alike. From our first kick-off through store opening, it was a pleasure to work with such a talented and hardworking crew who went the extra mile to understand our DNA while challenging us with fresh ideas.” - Michael Minter, DC Global Head of Marketing and Creative

Blabac Photography, Property of DC Shoes

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